Millennials value learning and they are consistently looking for leadership development opportunities. The ongoing transformation of work urges employers to prioritize learning agility and upskilling. According to the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, millennials in general “express little loyalty to their current employers.”  This serves as a challenge for employers to consistently tune in to and align with the values of millennials as they are the generation that are slowly taking over senior positions.

Employers continue to spend on L&D tools with barely any consideration to the different ways each generation learn. Millennials have different L&D needs that run parallel to the rapid changes in the workforce - what can L&D do to keep up with the pace?

(READ: "Learn or Die: How Organizations Can Survive in Today's Talent Market" by Angeli Recella)

Use technology to enhance learning experience. Millennials saw and lived through the significant technological shifts in recent history. Various technological developments have influenced the way people live. Technology is an integrative part of the everyday, thus it becomes necessary to use it to better the L&D experience of employees.

Prioritize education in education technology. With the rise of MOOCs, gamification, and blended learning, technology is gaining acceptance as a tool to better learning. However, what is often misunderstood, is that tech in education is not simply an act of plug and play. Too often, ed-tech tools are integrated out of excitement for “innovation” without proper understanding of foundational learning theories.

Localize and personalize learning tools. Education is innately cultural. When attempting to better it through education, we should not rely on simple data analytics and algorithm. There is a need to localize and personalize the ed-tech experience to better fit the different learning styles of the students. Technology, at the end of the day, should amplify human experience, and for that to happen, technology must first connect with people on a human level.

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