JoJo Gumino

How would you describe the leadership styles within your organization? Does your organization have strong leadership skills? Do you feel your own personal leadership skills up to par? When you visualize your ideal of the perfect leader, who do you see? What are the traits that they possess that you admire most?

This month’s Highlighted Learning Topic is Leadership. I think the best thing about leadership is that there is no one right answer to who the perfect leader must or should be. The beauty is in the diversity.;">When you pictured your ideal of a perfect leader, was it a mix of individuals or one person in particular? When I visualized my ideal of the perfect leader, I couldn’t help but look back on some of the past managers and colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. Some highlighted traits that popped up for me were:  the ability to nurture relationships with others both on their direct teams, within the organization as a whole across job functions and ranks as well as with external stakeholders; The ability to have a clear vision or strategy; The ability to have empathy and compassion for others; & the ability to bring out the best in those around you.x;">I’m sure when you thought of your perfect leader, your list of traits may have been completely different than mine, maybe it was somewhat similar. In any case, the key takeaway is that in both instances, we’re correct. The beauty is in the diversity.<

We may not all be born leaders, and that’s OK. Leadership can also be cultivated, as long as we are mindful in our actions and work towards improving our skills. Furthermore, everyone can enhance their leadership skills regardless of if they are managing a team or if they are currently an individual contributor. On a daily basis, everyone utilizes key leadership skills such as active listening, taking initiative, critical thinking, and decision-making just to name a few. Taking steps to improve yourself through training both formally and through intentional action, can help cultivate your understanding of leadership on a much higher level.

At STORM Learning, we have a great roster of Learning Partners that can help you with your growing Leadership Learning needs. Our Learning Partners have diverse backgrounds and experiences cutting across different industries and continents. Let us help you find the right Learning Partners to suit your needs. I’m happy to help in any way I can, I’m only an email or phone call away.


Yours in the Pursuit of Knowledge,

JoJo Gumino
Head of Learning Partnerships