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  1. How an E-Mail Taught Me the Ultimate Lesson

    Its funny or amazing how much people can change because of a seminar or a bunch of lessons or even by just one single lesson. I have met lots of people who attended a seminar or a retreat or read a book and their entire life shifted and changed because of that one experience. It can really be a life changing experience if the lesson is really learned. The funny thing is it will keep coming back until you learn the lesson. Life will not change and the same lessons and teachers will be coming back...
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  2. The Two Kinds of Stars

    It has been said that there are 3 kinds of stars in the workplace: THE RISING STARS THE MIDDLE STARS THE FALLING STARS The rising stars are usually those that are seen. They the talents HR would refer to as “Hi-PO” or High Potential; business owners or company executives see so much potential in them and are willing to consider them for job promotions. The middle stars are usually those that are not seen. They do not call attention to themselves because they deli...
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  3. What's Up Behind Whatzzup?

    Five cannibals get appointed as programmers in an IT company. During the welcoming ceremony the boss says, "You're all part of our team now. You can earn good money here, and you can go to the company canteen for something to eat. So don't trouble other employees". The cannibals promise not to trouble the other employees. Four weeks later the boss returns and says, "You're all working very hard, and I'm very satisfied with all of you. However, one of our cleaners has disappeared. Do a...
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  4. Discipline or Motivation

    I love inspirational movies. I even recommend some titles to my participants in my Level Up Leadership. And even suggest that as a follow through, team leads could hold popcorn afternoons or evenings; watch a movie and then process the lessons together and tie them down to the lessons they learned during the 2-day workshop seminar. "In Hollywood, the home team wins the game thanks to the coach's inspirational speech, the players get so motivated. And in the battlefield, the general gives a hear...
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  5. The Benefits of Psychometric Profiling

    (This article was originally published on HRM Asia) Creating and holding onto a winning team is invaluable to any business. Staff who reflect and adhere to the business values, deliver a standard of excellence which leads to a thriving workplace and healthy revenue growth.  Everybody wins.  Despite the fact that most businesses know their success is due to the people they employ, most don’t think about how to keep them on board, or better yet, decipher what it is about them t...
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