1. A Wake-Up Call for Employers: Career Development is Important

    Many of us come into the professional world with rough ideas of what we want to do in life--or rather, what we want our career path to be. Some of us take small steps to get there. Others take giant leaps to achieve their goals. But no matter how big the steps we take are, one thing is crucial: you can’t move up in your career if you don’t invest in your learning and development. According to Forbes, employees today know that the learning curve is the new earning curve. This means ...
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  2. Learning Trends In The Philippine Workforce You Should Watch Out For

    To any business, human capital is its greatest asset and the biggest key to achieving company goals. When companies invest in the growth of their human capital, they see better results in terms of employee performance, employee retention, and other key performance indexes. Employees feel more valued when they see that their company is actively investing in their personal growth. So naturally, employees would be motivated to do better at work, stay longer in their company, and help the company g...
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  3. Why Aren't Your Learning and Development Efforts Working For Your Company?

    Learning and development (L&D) has been a recurring topic among HR circles. It’s one of the most important subsets of Human Resources since it aims to improve employee work performance through upskilling employees. It helps align the company’s long term vision with your employee’s long term goals in order to create a win-win situation for both parties. With the significance of L&D in today’s workforce, it should come as no surprise that many companies are rapidly...
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  4. Hire or Train? How to Maximize Learning & Development in Your Firm

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  5. Letter from our Head of Partnerships

    How would you describe the leadership styles within your organization? Does your organization have strong leadership skills? Do you feel your own personal leadership skills up to par? When you visualize your ideal of the perfect leader, who do you see? What are the traits that they possess that you admire most? This month’s Highlighted Learning Topic is Leadership. I think the best thing about leadership is that there is no one right answer to who the perfect leader must or should be....
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